Participation in research

Our studies offer participation in exchange for course credit (as part of specific courses) or for payment. Studies are conducted by researchers across a variety of research domains, and the tasks typically involve computerized tasks, paper and pencil tasks, or group tasks.

Technion students from all faculties are invited to take part in studies. The tasks may take place either in-person, in the lab room, or online on your home computer, depending on the study requirements. All studies are approved by an ethical committee. The experimenter may ask each participant to present a student card.

Please register to the system: or use the Sona Mobile app.

Following registration, you can see available studies, time slots for participation, and the compensation policy in each one of them. You may register to tasks by the times they are active.

Please note that registering for a task prevents others from taking part in the same task. Thus, if you cannot perform the task as set, please cancel your participation as soon as possible.


  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be a registered Technion student with an active Technion e-mail address and a valid student card (you may be required to show a student card before each study).
  • Inserting personal details to the system is required before registering to your first study.
  • You may participate in each study only once.
  • Each study may have particular requirements. The system presents the requirements, when relevant.

Participants’ rights

Privacy of participants is secured. All personal data collected in the research process are kept confidential and are not presented in publications.

Participants can withdraw from the research at any time during data collection with no adverse consequences. The promised compensation, course credit or payment, will be given only to those completed the tasks in their entirety and in good faith.

Participants are treated with respect. Complaints can be directed to the Laboratory staff in case any violation has occurred.