The Laboratory of Behavioral Research supports the research of faculty members and graduate students at the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences at the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. The Laboratory hosts research conducted with human participants in domains such as cognition, metacognition, decision making, organizational behavior, and behavioral marketing.

Experiment Management System: The lab provides an online service for inviting Technion students to take part in research tasks by the Sona system:  https://ie-technion.sona-systems.com.

Technion students are invited to take part in experimental tasks for payment. Students who study at courses requiring to get experience as participants in psychological research as part of their curriculum, may take part in tasks for course credit.

Faculty members from the entire Technion may invite Technion students to take part in their research by using the lab’s Sona System. Course credit can be used as compensation for students in research led by faculty members from the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences only.

All research conducted with the Sona system must have ethical approval by the Technion’s Behavioral Sciences Research Ethics committee.

Questions regarding the lab, utilizing the available resources, or for taking part in studies, please contact us at experiments.technion@gmail.com.